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Catering Menu

Thank you for considering Baladi to cater your event. The catering platters below are prepared to serve 10 – 15 people and are available in smaller and larger sizes.  Please check our regular menu for more choices and we will be glad to customize your order.  We are confident that our fresh, delicious, and healthy foods will please and impress your guests.

Falafel Platter – GF V

Dry chick peas, coarsely ground and mixed with ground parsley, cilantro, onions, garlic, and spices. This delicious mixture is formed into small patties and flash-fried to a perfect crispy golden-brown. Served with Tahini sauce. (30 pieces 12” Tray) $39 (50 pieces 16” Tray) $55

Falafel Platter

Traditional Hummus Platter  – GF V


A delicious spread of ground chickpeas, organic olive oil, fresh lemon juice, fresh cumin, fresh garlic, and tahini sauce. Served with fresh cucumber slices, homemade pita bread and baked Pita chips.

(12” Tray serves 8-12) $35 (16” Tray Serves 15-20) $49
*Pita Bread and chips are not gluten free. However, excellent quality gluten free bread is available for an additional charge*

Spicy jalapeno and fresh cilantro hummus platter – GF V

Our homemade hummus with fresh cilantro and diced jalapenos served with cucumber slices, homemade pita and baked pita chips.

(12” Tray serves 8-12) $39 (16” Tray Serves 15-20) $51
*Pita Bread and chips are not gluten free. However, excellent quality gluten free bread is available for an additional charge*

Hummus Platter

Chips Platter $25 – V

Freshly baked pita chips served with hummus and shepherd salad (diced tomatoes, diced cucumbers, fresh mint, and lemon-olive oil dressing.

Chips Platter

Stuffed Grape Leaves  – GF V

Hand-rolled vine leaves stuffed with a savory mix of brown rice, diced tomatoes, diced onions, chickpeas, and spices. Served cold or warm with homemade yogurt-mint- cucumber dip. Available with ground lamb for an additional charge.

(20 pieces. $39,  40 pieces $69). 

Grape Leaves Platter

Muhammarah Platter – GF V

A delicious and healthy walnut, pistachio, roasted red pepper, organic olive and pomegranate molasses spread.  Served with couscous salad.

(20 pieces $49)
*Couscous salad is not Gluten Free. Chick peas salad makes for an excellent Gluten Free substitution*

Muhammarah Platter

Fattayer Platter (small pita pies)

Our hand made and freshly baked flat pita pies cut into bite size pieces. Choose two from the following options. (40 pies per platter $79)

V Jebneh: Crumbled feta cheese, diced tomato, fresh Oregano, and lemon-olive dressing. V Sabanekh: Baby Spinach, diced red onions, summac and lemon-olive oil dressing. V Spicy Tahini: Diced vegetable with a spicy Tahini sauce. Sfiha: ground lamb and beef with low fat yogurt, red wine vineger, cinnamon, and  other spices. V Zatar: Crushed organic thyme rubbed with organic olive oil, toasted sesame seeds, and summac.

Fattayer Platter

Mezze Platter – V

A combination of our appetizers (Hummus, Baba Gannooj, Tabbouleh salad, couscous salad, olives, pita bread and  pita chips)

(12” Tray serves 8) $39 (16” Tray Serves 15-20) $69

Mezze Platter

Baladi Signature Salads – $5 per person (min of 5 people) – V

Greek, Baladi, Fattoush, or Salata salads.

Salad Platter

Assorted Wrap Platter

Seven wraps per platter cut in half.

A choice of vegetarian wraps $75

A combination of vegetarian and meat wraps $85

A choice of meat wraps $95

Wrap Platter

Kebab Platter

Chicken, beef or lamb, grilled vegetables served hot over basmati and a side of our home made Tzaziki yogurt dip.

Chicken: marinated with organic oil, fresh garlic, fresh lemon juice, and fresh herbs. $79 per platter or $7.95 per person. 8 orders minimum.

Beef: melt in your mouth quality CHOICE  beef kebabs marinated in organic olive oil, organic Thyme,  red wine vinegar and spices. $99 per platter or $9.95 per person. 8 orders minimum.

Australian Lamb: marinated with our home made Moroccan preserved lemons, fresh mint, and organic olive oil.

$120 per platter or $11.95 per person. 8 orders minimum.

Kebab Platter

Sweets Platter $45

A combination of our home made sweets (Cinnamon walnut, pistachio, and Almond Baklawa as well as what we are serving as a special )

Sweets Platter

Fresh Natural Lemonade
1 Gallon $15

Fresh Baladi Herbal Iced Tea
1 Gallon $10