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Home Made Sweets

Homemade Baklava

Fresh, hand-rolled Baklawa made with 75% less butter and pure honey.

Pistachio – Mid-Eastern style baklawa made with crushed pistachios, pure honey and a rose-water simple syrup. $4
Cinnamon-Walnut – Greek style baklawa made with crushed walnuts, cinnamon, pure honey and orange blossom. $3.5
V Almond – Persian style baklawa made with slivered almonds, cardamom, rose-water simple syrup and Earth Balance vegan butter. $2.50

Mamool – V

A delicious pastry made from semolina flour. Filled with dates and topped with powdered sugar. $3

Halawa – GF V

A sesame seed, sugar, and ground chocolate dessert topped with crushed pistachios and chocolate syrup $4.


A quintessential Mid-Eastern desert made layers of shredded Phillo dough and sweet cheese. Topped with Rose water syrup and crushed pistachios. $5