Vegetarian Dish

Vegan Dish

Gluten Free Dish

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Side Dishes

Healthy Meals for Guests Under 12 & Over 65

Kebab Meals – *GF

Marinated kebab skewer grilled to order and served with couscous salad and grilled vegetables. Substitute with basmati rice for gluten-free option.
All Natural Chicken $9           CHOICE Beef $11          Australian Lamb $12

Falafel Meal *GF V

Our famous falafel served on a bed of romaine, served with our Signature Hummus, shepherd salad, warm pita bread and Tahini sauce. $8


Jebneh (Mediterranean Pizza) V

A flat baked pita pie topped with crumbled feta, diced tomatoes, fresh oregano and lemon-olive oil. Makes an excellent appetizer or light snack. $5

Lentil Soup – GF V

Our famous Red Lentil soup flavored with just a touch of cumin and lemon juice and served with freshly baked pita bread.

Cup $4  Bowl $6

Basmati Rice –  GF V

Cooked with golden raisins, almonds and fresh spices. $3

Grilled Vegetables –  GF V

Mushrooms, peppers, red onions, zucchini and squash marinated in a light, zesty Italian dressing. $4

Sauteed Spinach and Kale – GF V

Fresh baby spinach, curly kale, diced red onions and summac sautéed in a lemon olive oil. $4

Potato Fries

Crispy Yukon-gold potato fries with the skin on .  $3


Pita Chips

Freshly baked with a hint of Italian seasoning, garlic and sea salt $3

Pita Bread – V

Homemade with whole wheat and unbleached white flour. $1.50