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A few simple INGREDIENTS...

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Baladi Mediterranean Café offers taste of owner's Homeland.

Baladi opened in 2008 at Hilltop West Shopping Center. Since then, Chef Khaled has been serving both quality interpretations of classic Palestinian dishes and daring new ventures into the uncharted territories of Middle-Eastern Cuisine.

The phrase Baladi Foods means natural and organic foods that are prepared with traditional methods. Café's interior reflects the setting of a traditional home in Middle East also paying tribute to hospitality of Arabic culture.

All food is prepared daily. We only use:

  • Organic, Unfiltered Olive Oil (Lebanon);

  • Organic, Authentic, Imported Spices (Palestine);

  • Organic Turbinado Sugar and Clover Honey;

  • Purified, Filtered Water.

It was such a wonderful experience that I know we are going to talk about this place for many years.
— Debora Dohrbeck, "Minimalist Traveler"
Variety is the spice of life, right? Well, a variety of spices is what Baladi Mediterranean Cafe is all about, and the Virginia Beach restaurant’s falafel is one of life’s delicious pleasures.
— Judy Cowling, "Virginian Pilot"

Chicken Potato Soup

Gluten Free.
Broth-Based with chunks of chicken breast, red skin potato, fresh cilantro and garlic. Served over Basmati rice.
$4.95 Cup / $7.95 Bowl


Mediterranean Nachos

Hearty, savory, stack of Baked Puta Chips, topped with cooked Fava Beans, crisp Romaine, fresh Shepherd Salad, a dollop of our Spicy Cilantro-Jalapeño Hummus, & imported Labneh.

+ Add sautéed Ground Beef & Lamb, or your favorite Shawermah for a delicious twist.

Moroccan Vegetable Tagine

Succulent, slowly simmered stew of Russet Potatoes, Carrots, Sweet Potatoes, Whole Chickpeas, Turkish dried Apricots, Tomatoes, Garlic, Onions, & variety of spices. Served over Couscous & topped with toasted pine nuts.

Moroccan Chocolate Cake

Dark chocolate, toasted almonds & fresh dates. Contains no sugar. Topped with fresh strawberries & a sugar free chocolate syrup.